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AgieTron Hyperspark HS 2 Year 2007

Year 2007

CNC EDM with System 3R WorkPal robot, toolchanger and C axis.
Serial number: 398

Working area

600 x 450mm Grid 50mm

External Dimensions

2,689 x 1,855 x 2,603 mm

Maximum work piece dimensions

820 x 420 x 250 mm or 650 x 580 x 250 mm Max. workpiece weight 400 kg Max. electrode weight 50 kg

Axis Travel

350 x 250 x 350 mm C axis 360deg 0...60 rpm/min

Machine Specification

On board Programming. AgieVision CNC control. 28 position toolchanger. 72A Generator. AgieJogger handbox with LCD & handwheel. Fire Prevention System (Not tested). Fume extration. Geoeditor. Camlink. Easycut.

System 3R WorkPal robot loader. System 3R Pallet chuck on table.


System 3R Macro Chuck on spindle.

System 3R pallet chuck on table.

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