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Shiang Yang YY-CNC4060


  • Machine frame is a high rigid column type structure, Workpiece weight won’t effect the accuracy of the macine.
  • YY-CNC4050T&YY-4060/X,Y,Z,W are installed with quality linear guides and ball screws.
  • Machine base is positioned, calibrated and offset by CERA CHECK MASTER.
  • Fixed type tool magazine provides a stable and quick tool change.
  • BT-20 stainless steel arbor has a high accuracy, and won’t drip water.
  • Patented design-the electrode can be rectified by auxiliary guide along a long distance of machining.
  • ER collet-for a quick and easy replacing with electrode.
  • Fountain work tank.


  • Adopt industrial grade PC controller and WINDOW CE work system, Maximum 4 axis of positioning.
  • Self-developed software and dialog interface provide a fast and easy operation.
  • AC servo motor is employed for a stable and precise positioning.
  • Program transmission through the Network Connections or USB port.
  • Intellectual type depth offset function-just input the desirable machining depth, and the controller will automatically complete the work. Guarantee every hole is through.
  • Circular dialog window and multi-edge finding function are coordinated with hand wheel micro-feed so that small hole positioning is quick and accurate.
  • The programs stored in the controller are enough to machine a maximum of 5000 holes.
  • Machining conditions can be stored according to the category of the material of workpiece.
  • A wide range of machining parameters provides an easy setting of low consuming parameter for machining electrode.
  • Intellectual type electrode auto exchange-tool magazine management system and auxiliary guide designing provide a fast and stable electrode exchange.
  • Special high pressure pump has a quick water spray and backflow. The electrode of brass pipe can stop water instantly without drip.
  • Hole machining range is from Ø 0.2mm to Ø6.0mm.
  • Blind hole machining function.
  • Support DXF format convent into NC code.
Shiang Yang YY CNC4060 CNC Machine.
Item UNIT YY-CNC 2535 YY-CNC4050T YY-CNC4060
ATC(AEC) pc ----- 10 -----

Work table

mm 600×300 800×500 800×500
X/axis travel mm 345 550 650
Y/axis travel mm 245 400 400
Z/axis travel mm 345 400 400
W/axis travel mm 200 350 350
Electrode guide travel mm 150 ----- -----
Machine weight KGS 950 2200 2000
Max. workpiece weight KGS 300 800 800
Guide between worktable mm 5-370 5-380 5-380
Machine dimension(L×W×H) mm 1620×1140×2325 2290×1850×2270 2130×1900×2157
Power source V 220/380/415/440 220/380/415/440 220/380/415/440
Max. machining current A 30 30 30
Max. power consumption KVA 4 4 4
  • Supplementary explanation:
    YY-CNC2535/X,Y,W Axis with AC serve, Z Axis with DC serve. YY-CNC4050T& YY-CNC4060/X,Y,Z,W Axis with AC serve.

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