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 ONA QX9 Specifications

X-axis travel (individual) 2.000 mm 78.74 in
Y-axis travel 1.200 mm 47.24 in
Z-axis travel 800 mm 31.49 in
Max. distance between table and head 1.200 mm 47.24 in
Worktank internal dimensions Length 2.800 mm 110.24 in
Width 1.700 mm 66.92 in
Height 1.000 mm 39.37 in
Work table dimension 2.200 x 1.200 mm 86.61 x 39.37 in
Allowable weight on the table 20.000 kg 44093 Ibs
Type of work tank Abatible Drop door
Maximum electrode weight 300 kg 440 Ibs
Intensity of the generator 100|200|400 A 100|200|400 A

Benefits of QX Technology

  • Highly rigid mechanical structure constructed of stabilized fine grained cast iron blended with graphite that allows work pieces up to 25.000 kg.
  • A reinforced C axis affording stability in erosion with electrodes that have high moments of inertia (aprox. 12,000 kg/ cm2).
  • Direct position measurement by means of linear scales with 0.1 µm resolution.
  • Unique technological innovation. Generator 30% more powerful than the rest of the market capable of reaching up to 400 A in intensity.
  • QX machines include a very powerful control with up to 8 simmultaeously interpolating axes and volumetric compensation in the entire work area.
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