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 ONA NX4F Specifications

X-axis travel (individual) 600 mm 23.6 in
Y-axis travel 400 mm 15.7 in
Travel of the electrode holder 400 mm 15.7 in
Max. distance between table and head 675 mm 27.1 in
Worktank internal dimensions Length 1.250 mm 42.1 in
Width 780 mm 30.3 in
Height 490 mm 17.7 in
Work table dimension 800 x 600 mm 31.5 x 23.6 in
Allowable weight on the table 1.500 kg 3300 Ibs
Type of work tank Fijo Fixed
Maximum electrode weight 75 kg 220 Ibs
Minimum roughness 0,1 µm Ra 0,1 µm Ra
Intensity of the generator 100 A 100 A

Benefits of NX Technology

  • High-speed pulse technology, which allows to get the following results:
      • Shorter machining times in jobs that involve very difficult flushing.
      • More homogeneous finish on large surface areas (VDI 20 – Ra 1.00 µm on 225 mm²).
      • Very deep grooves can be machined, with the highest quality and precision guaranteed (VDI 20 – Ra 1.00 µm up to 100 mm).
  • New SAAC system that maximizes generator performance in erosion work involving evolutive surface electrodes. It is particularly apt where the workpiece has little area at the outse.
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