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Benefits of AV Technology

  • The numerical control, designed on the concept of usability, has: a 21” touch interface, Intuitive and visually friendly menus, Applications represented by icons, Real-time information, greater control of the process..
  • The optimisation of work times is another of the main functions of the AV machines. The system allows you to view the list of jobs (JOBs list).
  • The new interface displays the workpiece in 3D and allows the operator to rotate and move it according to their requirements with a simple tap on the screen thanks to its tactile technology.
  • The new generator enables cutting at high speeds and guarantees great efficiency of the machines. Savings of 30% and a 450mm2/min (0.33 wire(XCC)) speed..
  • ONA Script programming + Medition in-process option in order to have a total control of the workpiece positioning.

ONA AV35 NEXT Specifications

X-axis travel  600 mm 23.6 in
Y-axis travel 400 mm 15.7 in
Z-axis travel 400 mm 15.7 in
Worktank internal dimension Large 1.060 mm 18.5 in
Wide 750 mm 18.5 in
High 400 mm 18.5 in
U-V axes travel  120 mm x 120 mm 4.7 x 4.7 in
Maximum angle of conical cut (optionally ±45º) +/- 30º / 87 mm +/- 30º / 3.4 mm
Wire diameter range 0.07 mm – 0.33 mm 0.003 – 0.013 in
Maximum cutting speed 450 mm2/min – Ø 0.33 mm (Xcc wire) 42 in2/hr – Ø 0.013 in (Xcc wire)
Minimum roughness 0,1 µm Ra 0,1 µm Ra

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