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Exeron HSC 600

HSC 600

High performance high speed milling machine

  • Optimised work space for 5-axis processing
  • Highest dynamics due to torque drive in the swivel axes for the simultaneous 5-axis processing
  • Extremely small installation space
  • Ideal accessibility for operator and automation devices
  • Gantry construction with high stiffness for optimum machine dynamics, high precision and perfect workpiece quality. Portal internally cooled to reduce the effect of thermal growth for outstanding accuracy.
  • Gantry and machine bed made of mineral cast for maximum vibration dampening
  • Digital drives in all axes
  • Direct path measurement systems – resolution 0.1 μ
  • Vector-controlled high-frequency spindles for the use of tools from Ø 0.2 mm – 16 mm
  • Heidenhain CNC control, specially designed for the HSC technology

Motor Drive System

Equipped with direct coupled motor drive with pre-loaded ballscrews & full closed loop linear scale positioning control for zero-backlash, even when used for a long time.

High accuracy pre-loaded ballscrews with low friction loss and high efficiency.

High response motor speeds with 30m/min rapid travel rates.

Direct measurement of positions by Heidenhain linear glass scales is used on X, Y and Z axes. The glass scales are located within the immediate vicinity of the working area for best precision.

Water-cooled Torque - direct-drives in rotary & tilt Axis for max. acceleration and precision.        

Direct position measuring systems in all linear- and rotary-axes photoelectric

High accuracy gantry type mechanics

The machine gantry design provides a high level of stiffness for long-term optimum machine dynamics, high precision and outstanding workpiece accuracy and surface finish.

This gantry design and mineral concrete casting ensure maximum vibration dampening and long term accuracy.

The machine portal base is internally water cooled to ensure the highest possible accuracy & repeatability.

Easy use HMI

The iTNC 530 from HEIDENHAIN is a versatile, workshop-oriented contouring control for high speed machining centers.

The iTNC 530 features optimized motion control, short block processing times and special control strategies. Together with its uniform digital design and its integrated digital drive control including inverters, it enables you to reach very high machining speeds and the best possible contour accuracy—particularly when machining 2-D contours or 3-D shapes.

ASQ – Advanced Surface Quality Control only from Exeron for super fine surface finish.

Surface finish of is Ra = 0.08 µm are achievable in hard steel with a Rockwell hardness of 58 HRC with a tolerance of just S diff.max = 0.4 µm.

Exeron HSC 600 CNC Machine

Technical data

Model HSC 600/3 HSC 600/5
Traverse paths X x Y x Z 650 x 550 x 400 mm 650 x 550 x 400 mm
Workpiece clamping table 530 x 900 mm Ø 410
Distance table/spindle nose 600 mm 600 mm
Workpiece weight max. 600 kg* 200 kg
Dimensions, total W x D x H 2200 x 2400 x 2900 mm 2200 x 2400 x 2900 mm
Spindle speed 42 000 min–1 42 000 min–1
Spindle performance S1/S6 – 40 % 10/13 kW 10/13 kW
Tool magazine 30/60/90 HSK 40-E 30/60/90 HSK 40-E
Rapid traverses X x Y x Z 50 m/min 50 m/min
CNC control Heidenhain iTNC 530 Heidenhain iTNC 530
* with reduced dynamics  

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