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Accutex AL-750SA

Accutex AL-750SA highlights

High performance of Accutex Generator

The generator features state-of-the art powerful electronics to increase cutting efficiency and speed by utilizing efficiently controlled EDM processes that include Accutex’s unique power algorithm & FPGA technology.

Accutex SD Master, fitted as standard, powers the servo control system to ensure a stable discharge performance that dramatically reduces wire breakage and improves workpiece accuracy and repeatability.

With the optional MST (Fine Surface) module surfaces roughness of less than Ra 0.25 µm is achieved. 

Extremely high removal rates and low hourly running cost are possible with low cost brass wires.

The generator has a complete range of technologies including all materials needed for most workshop.

The strategies for stepped work pieces & irregular thickness machining along with Accutex corner control ensure machining accuracy and quality for whole profile of the work-piece.

Linear Shaft Motor Drive System

Equipped with Linear motor drive with full closed loop linear scale positioning control without backlash, even when used for a long time. High repeatability accuracy, low friction loss and high efficiency.

Non-contact power transmission ensures stable and accurate axis movement for many years.

High response speed ensures of sensitivity in discharge gap control.

Linear shaft motor utilizing a full 360° magnetic flux as the effective driving force reduces power consumption.

The Linear Shaft direct drives are positioned in the centre of the moving weight for smooth movement.

Direct measurement of positions by linear glass scales is used on X and Y axes. The glass scales are located within the immediate vicinity of the working area for best precision.

High accuracy AL series T type mechanics

The T type Meehanite casting base frame permits the loading of larger and heavy work pieces without affecting accuracy.

The machine has been designed using FEA analysis to provide a solid construction that guarantees good positioning accuracy and long-term precision. All axis are 3D laser calibrated to conform to ISO 230-6 standard.

The clamping frame with high rigidity makes mounting work-piece easily.

Proven Automatic Wire Threading

The concept of wire circuit is composed by very few components and consumable parts.

Fast and reliable automatic wire threading with improved annealing system.

Automatic wire threading at wire break point, no need to return to start point.

Unique waste wire removal device to improve cycle times and reliability.

A large spool 45kg option is available to extend running hours and allows continuous production.

Easy use HMI

Accutex control based on windows CE for the fastest servo response.

The intuitive, easy-to-use icon driven measuring functions allow the operator to quickly determine work piece references. The technology database selects the appropriate setting in according to the characteristics of the application. The operator can easily import a program from either the USB, Ethernet or RS232 ports.

The EDM process is monitored in real time on HMI.

Optional Remote Master can be used to monitor machine operation & status from a remote PC.

Flexible HMI can be run in either Accutex, Mitsubishi or Sodick programming mode to enable the Accutex machine to fit in alongside existing equipment & make equipment upgrades easier for operators.

Max. Workpiece SizeL x W x H (mm) 1190x720x295
Max. Workpiece Weight (Kg) 750
X/Y Stroke (mm) 750x500
U/V Stroke (mm) 100x100
Z Stroke (mm) 300
Max. Cutting Taper (H=100) ±21°
Wire Spool Weight (Kg) 10
Footprint (mm)W x D x H 3000x3200x2250
Water System Capacity (L) 1060
Machine Weight (Kg) 4300

(*)To acquire the optimum stable cutting performance,the suggested-maximum height of cutting workpiece is the Z axis stroke minus 30mm.

Controller Specifications

Blacklash compensation   WINDOWS CE
  Control Device   64-bit Industrial PC
Memory Device   1GB CF Card
  Screen Display Device   17” Color TFT Touch Screen
  Data Input   Keyboard, RS-232, USB, Ethernet, FTP
  Simultaneous Axes   4 Axes / 5 Axes (Option on W Axis)
  No. of Control Axes   5 Axes / 6 Axes (Option on W Axis)
  Min. Command Unit   0.0001mm
  Max. Command Range   ±9999.9999 mm
  Command Type   mm / inch
  Cutting Data Memory   99999 sets
  Ignition Power Supply   32 Steps,53V~138V
  On time   24 Steps
  Off time   43 Stpes
  Discharge Mode   Rough Cut / Skim Cut / Fine Cut

Controller Functions

Backlash compensation Constant / Servo feed Different shape interpolation Auto position (edge, center)
Linear / Circular interpolation Auto power recovery Background edit Soft limit
Cutting path display Trace to break point Star point return Corner control function
Retrace to start point Reference point return Break point return Diagnosis
Reference point setting Taper cutting Auto corner Z axis software limit
Multi-blocks skip Maintenance memo Program edit / copy / delete Manual data input
Cutting log Axis exchange Rotation Auto / Manual feed
Mirror Dry run Single block Short back
Optional stop Block stop Sub program Wire consumption offset
Pitch compensation Parallel compensation 2nd. Soft limit Anti-Collision

Standard Accessories

Upper / Lower Flushing Nozzle Diamond Guide Conductor Plate
Diamond Guide Remove Jig Brass Wire Tool Box
Waste Wire Bin Ion Resin Tank Ion Exchange Resin
Paper Filter Vertical Alignment Jig Water Chiller
SD Master Auto Wire Threading (AWT)  

Optional Accessories

Spray mist Lubricator Pilot Lamp Remote Master
Safety Door Interlock PCD / Graphite Cutting 0.1mm Wire Application
Transformer 45Kg Wire Jumbo Feeder Auto Voltage Stabilizer
X/Y Linear Scale 6th Axis Package (W axis) Alarm Messenger
MST (AL-400SA/500SA/560SA/600AS) High Pressure Water Jet Threading (Not Available with Anti-Collision on Z Axis)

※ All the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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