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AgieCut Classic 3 Year 1999 SOLD

Year 1999

5 axis Non-Submerged CNC WEDM with Auto Wire Thread.

External Dimensions

Width x Depth x Height = 1,940mm x 2,300mm x 2,220mm

Maximum work piece dimensions

X 1,050 mm Y 650 mm Z 250 mm 30� Taper cut.

Axis Travel

X 500 mm Y 350 mm Z 256 mm

Machine Specification

AgieVision Control with Easy Run. Auto wire thread, 0.25mm - 0.33mm wire, large wire reel capacity, non-submerged cutting, Agie HSS generator. 0.3uRa surface finish with trim cuts. Agie Jogger handbox with LCD display.


Four side universal clamping frame.

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