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CNC International Brings Automation to High-End Machine Tools At MACH 2016

31 Mar 2016

AWEX 50 5 HSC600 Bild 5

In 2014 CNC International made a huge impact on its MACH debut.  Now, the Ross-On-Wye company aims to build upon the success of the 2014 show by bring two completely new machines to MACH 2016. The manufacturing industry will be able to witness the quality; speed and precision that has made the Exeron brand a market leader throughout Europe.

CNC International will give a UK exhibition debut to the Exeron EDM313 die sink erosion machine with the new Exeron MF30 CNC control unit. This impressive machine has been manufactured from an FEM optimised mineral cast base that has a small footprint to enable integration with additional process related systems and automation. The Exeron is compact, fast, and very robust and its unbeatable ratio of travel paths and installation space are the envy of the industry. Regarded as the mid-range machine in terms of capacity, the EDM313 has a spacious X, Y and Z axis travel of 620 by 420 by 400mm with a heavy duty work table of 1m by 600mm that can accept components up to 1500kg.

This impressive machine incorporates digital AC servo direct drives and glass scales for uncompromising drive and control dynamics whilst the high powered Exopuls+ generator technology optimises the erosion process. Newly introduced on this machine at MACH is the MF30 CNC control unit with fully simultaneous CNC path control. This Windows based operating system brings power and control to the hands of the operator through a user friendly and familiar control display.


Like the German market leading EDM and HSM Exeron brand, CNC International believes the EDM process works hand in hand with high speed machining. To this end, Herefordshire based CNC International will be complementing the EDM313 with the Exeron HSC600 machining centre. The HSC600 is available with a 3 or 5-axis configuration, but at MACH, CNC International will be demonstrating the merits of the 5-axis machine.

The HSC600 has an X, Y and Z axis travel of 650 by 550 by 400mm, which is rapidly covered by a 50m/min traverse capability. The B-axis provides tilt to an angle of +/-100 degrees whereas the C-axis delivers infinite 360 degree rotation to enable the customer to manufacture the most complex of components at speeds far beyond anything else in its class. The flexibility of a 3 or 5-axis version and the rapid feeds are mirrored by the option of two high frequency spindles types that offer speeds of 36000 and 42000rpm respectively. At MACH, the machine will be installed with Exeron's 42000rpm HVC140 10/13kW spindle that generates 6.5/9.1Nm of torque for rapid removal rates regardless of the material type.

From a precision perspective, the HSC600 offers a linear resolution of 0.0001mm that is equalled by the rotary axis resolution of 0.0001 degrees. This astounding precision is engineered into the HSC600 from the base up. This is because the machine incorporates direct photoelectric displacement measurement systems, digitally controlled feed motors, temperature compensation, water-cooled hydraulically clamped direct torque drives and a polymer concrete vibration damping gantry. With all this, unparalleled speed and precision assured.

From a component perspective, the HSC600 has a generous 400mm diameter face plate with a load capacity up to 200kg for processing relatively large parts, especially considering the compact 2200 by 2400 by 2900mm footprint. 

The astounding precision and speed of the Exeron HSC600 will be complemented by an automation configuration at MACH. CNC International and the experts from Exeron will be on hand to demonstrate the Exeron AWEX50-5 automated pallet and electrode changing system that will be attached to the HSC600. The compact and fully enclosed AWEX50-5 can accommodate 50 electrodes up to 55mm diameter or 25 electrodes up to 115mm diameter with a maximum weight of 150kg. Alternately, the system can be configured with up to 5 pallet stations. The five stations can support components up to 320 by 320 by 190mm with a maximum weight of 60kg per part.

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