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Accutex AU-860iA

Accutex AU-860iA highlights AU860I 2

High performance of Accutex Generator

The generator features state-of-the art powerful electronics to increase cutting efficiency and speed by utilizing efficiently controlled EDM processes that include Accutex’s unique power algorithm & FPGA technology.

Accutex SD Master, fitted as standard, powers the servo control system to ensure a stable discharge performance that dramatically reduces wire breakage and improves workpiece accuracy and repeatability.

With the optional MST (Fine Surface) module surfaces roughness of less than Ra 0.25 µm is achieved. 

High removal rates and low hourly running cost are possible with low cost brass wires.

The generator has a complete range of technologies including all materials needed for most workshop.

The strategies for stepped work pieces & irregular thickness machining along with Accutex corner control ensure machining accuracy and quality for whole profile of the work-piece.


High-Rigidity Structures The machine body is designed by finite Element Analysis (FEA) to assure optimized mechanical structure.Features include: honeycomb-type base, high-rigidity column mounted with oversized UVZ axes and reinforced low-arm by melting alloy to increase stiffness; these considerations assure superior geometric accuracy even under high pressure flushing while the machine is operated at first cutting.

EF (Electrolysis free) Discharging High speed EF (Electrolysis Free) discharge method, it minimizes the possibility of workpiece cracking or electrolyze problems. It also increases the lift of the mold and saves brass wire consumption.By using EF (Electrolysis Free) power from rough to fine cut which can reach the average gap voltage to zero, during electrolysis free discharge power, the cation will not move to the cathode and also reducing the elements released like iron, carbon, cobalt, molybdenum to cause the soften surface and shorten the life cycle of moulds; it will increase the life cycle for 5 or 6 times comparing with traditional cutting with electrolysis free power cutting of making press moulds.

AWT SYSTEM The Accutex unique intelligent servo-control wire-threading technology, together with multi-detectors, makes the threading system possess high speed and good reliability. Also achieves highly efficient auto-machining.

With The unique Straightened and Melted Way Using impulse circuit makes the wire annealed to straighten. Then, with discharging way, make the end of the wire melted and become a bullet shape about 0.8mm. It can be easy to thread through the guide. Moreover, when encountering the block, the end of the wire wouldn’t be too peaked to curl. As for the workpiece of 300mm, it can directly thread the wire (above 0.25mm) from break point. Even for the wire of 0.1 mm, it also can use this way to thread.

Threading At Wire Break Point In case of broken wire during machining, there’s no need to return to start point before threading, it is able to thread wire just at break point with nearly 100% possibility. If wire threading fails after several attempts, the intelligent system will return to star point and threads wire again (for workpiece thickness < 120mm,∮0.25/ ∮0.2 brass wire) No limits on taper machining as the system doesn't use high pressure to assist threading and no need to change special small-diameter flushing nozzles.

Precision Servo and transmission System Using 32, C1 class ball screw with sub-zero and super-finish ground process for maximum smoothness and minimum pitch error. Built in high-response AC servomotor and option with linear scale is mounted close-loop feedback control. The linear scale is mounted close to the ball screw to minimize the slant. Each axis is compensated by laser interferometer to approve the high accuracy and repeatability. By adopting the latest generation Ball-Retainer type linear guide of which the patented structure reduces 90% of frictional variation compared to conventional ones. The movement will be similar to a magnetic levitation, even under complicated routes

High compatibility NC Program Design Well-designed to be NC-coded for multi brand machines compatibility is without the need of modification. It is highly recommended for NC program circulation and management due to its user friendly feature.The operational screen provides large quantities go graphic icons, on-line HELP, warning descriptions, detailed operational instructions and messages. These enable the operator to understand the current machine condition and to easily control machining results.

Max. Work Piece Size L x W x H (mm) 1330 x 990 x 395
Max. Work Piece Weight (kg) 5000kg
X x Y stroke (mm) 800 x 600 mm
U x V Stroke (mm) 150 x 150 mm
Wire Spool Weigh (kg) 16kg
Foot Print (mm) 3900 x 3600 x 2740
Machine Weight (kg) 6500kg
Water System Capacity

Main Tank 1630L

Sub Tank 1040L

Z axis travel 400mm or optional 600mm

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