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Accutex AP-6040


-Compact Design: Maintains compact and rapid axes’s movement

-The working tank’s Rise and Fall vertical door design which completely eliminates the unnecessary spaces

  occupied by the Swing Door.

-Accuracy: Positioning accuracy is <3µm for X/Y axes under 5 times laser check.

-The Best Surface Roughness is 0.08µm.

-Option: Linear Motor

Accutex AP-6040 CNC Machine from leading suppliers CNC International.
Max. Work Piece Size L x W x H (mm) 950 x 700 x 310
Max. Work Piece Weight (kg) 1000kg
X x Y stroke (mm) 600 x 400 mm
U x V Stroke (mm) 100 x 100 mm
Z Stroke (mm) 310 mm
Applicable Wires 0.1~0.33 mm
Controllable Axis 6 AXES(*)
Max. Cutting Taper ±30°
Foot Print 2450 x 2820 x 2250mm
Machine Weight 4000 kg

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