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Camtek CAD CAM System

CNC International is the sole UK agent for Camtek, manufacturers of the Opticam software suite since 1992. We able to offer full sales support including after sales support and training for all versions of Opticam.


Camtek GmbH was founded in 1993 and worked as a distributor of the
CAD/CAM-system PEPS. From the start Camtek
not only distributed the system but also develop many modules,
additional functions, special adaptations and intelligent post

End of 2009 Camtek GmbH received the rights to develop the
CAD/CAM-system PEPS independently.

Further on the first complete self-development was presented
in 2009. The CAD/CAM-system OPTICAM is a fully integrated
solution for the programming of wire EDM machines in SolidWorks™.

In close co-operation with leading CNC-machine tool and CNC-
control manufacturers high-end postprocessors are developed
and both systems are continuously improved.

Together with regional sales partners and a creative team of 40
employees Camtek offers his customers system consulting,
system development, system adaption, trainings, support, network-
and DNC-installation, as well as customer specific special solutions.

Camtek's customers include companies of every size, from small ones to world famous concerns such as Robert Bosch, Daimler, BMW, Schuler, Siemens, Hirschmann, Herrenknecht, Hella, Chopard, Victorinox, Braun, Carl Zeiss, Swarovski, SKF, INA, Lamy and Mont Blanc.

Camtek GmbH has more than 16 years experience in programming Wire EDM machines. Our immense knowledge in this field has evolved into our new CAD/CAM-system OPTICAM. OPTICAM is a fully integrated plug-in for the SolidWorks™ CAD system.

CNC programming is based directly on the designed or imported 3D model. Because of the automatic Feature-Recognition and the assignment of integrated machining technologies and strategies, OPTICAM offers a very high automation level and reduces the programming time significantly. After a very short training period a beginner can create an efficient CNC Program with a few clicks, nonetheless an experienced user still has the complete flexibility to interact with in every detail.

Camtek Opticam information 



Camtek's OPTICAM Classic Wire EDM - known as PEPS in the German market - has been the industry leader for Wire EDM cutting since the early 90's. Continually developed by a team of WEDM experts, it boasts the most complete tools to give the ultimate solution for all simple and complex wire-cutting needs, including:

  • Certified Machine Tool Post-processors for all major WEDM machines, with the latest Machine Tool Cutting Technology Databases for seamless integration with the machine.

  • the Industry's best part feature recognition function - specific to the complexities of EDM -  shared from its younger sibling product OPTICAM for SolidWorks - 

  • our highly rated Applications Support team is manned by seasoned Tool and Die makers.

Because you're reading this, you'll understand Wire EDM isn't a simple "cheese cutting" exercise. Other machining disciplines have their own complexities but WEDM has it’s also – more than would be expected. The dependence on accurate cutting technology parameters - of which there can be many - is crucial, the strategy to do the cutting - aside from many other variables - have to be easy and quick to configure so to cut the right part, the first time.Other CAM systems approach WEDM programming from a Milling perspective or platform and don’t focus on the niche areas, such as partial pocketing (area clearance via wire-erosion) or “slug retention” for much improved tooling efficiency. Camtek is a “can do (CAM do?!)” CAM software developer – so much so that if you’ve an application that isn’t available in another CAM system, it is likely we’ve done similar before or can get it developed accordingly.

 See what the differences are by contacting us today – we can arrange a Web-demo to suit you.

 Features at-a-glance

In connection with the module SolidCut CAD wireable geometries are recognized automatically on the 3D Solid-model and can be projected to any height. A Projection Assistant creates z-constant geometries automatically. gallery thumbnail gallery thumbnail


Clamps and upper / lower heads are shown as a 3D-model. The 3D True Machine-Kinematics Simulation shows the machining with offset checks the removability, possible collisions and undercuts.


Projections under a angle make a machining of variable reference heights possible. With this function a current, cylindrical collar with a constant height can be created. The conical part is created by OPTICAM Classic and doesn't have to be in the design of the part.


The module ruled surface pocketing makes it easier to program complex ruled surfaces and allows a machining without reject parts. Thereby parts like this can be machined unmanned.


OPTICAM Classic offers the necessary functionality for all machining tasks including the drive of rotary axis and handling systems. The module Multi Axis Wire Cutting controls the positioning, the synchronic machining and the machining with constant work piece rotation.